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previous: Steve A. GVB:    ... -- 4/24/1999 5:59 PM View Thread

Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???

4/27/1999 9:17 AM
Geoff Van Brunt
Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???
"when I do get unsolicited junk that does not interest me I'll reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line (or whatever). "
This may not be such a great idea. Most Spam is from a fake address, so you can't reply anyway, but some "remove" addresses are actually a way to confirm addresses. If you reply, you are added to a database of 'confirmed' addresses. You may actually receive more Spam this way. Some companies are honest, but as Spam goes, most are not.  

Steve A. GVB:    ... -- 4/27/1999 9:04 PM