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Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???

4/24/1999 5:59 PM
Steve A.
Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???
    Actually I haven't had much of a problem with SPAM myself- when I do get unsolicited junk that does not interest me I'll reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line (or whatever). But I like your idea of moving my e-mail address down at least one level. I do think that the "bots" can be programmed to dig down a specified number of levels from the homepage, with them setting the number low for a w-i-d-e search of as many home pages as possible, or high if they wish to dig a bit deeper into each site. I review the statistics for the hits on my site every now and then, and there is always an ungodly high number of hits for the main page (probably mainly the "bots") while the hits on the other pages are usually from real people. The second level pages are in the middle so I believe that maybe half of the hits on those pages are from the "bots"...  
    BTW there is an interesting program I dl'd from PC Mag called "Site Snagger" that will capture an entire website to your hard drive, and it may give some insight into the operations of a "bot". There are several options you can select, like how many layers do you want to dig down from the starting page and whether you want to follow off-site links. (The program itself is in need of an update since I get a lot of Java script errors when trying to follow a "snagged site" offline with Netscape 4.01.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Some of the "bots" are evidentally from the various search engines (AltaVista, etc.) trying to index as many sites as they can. But if you wait around for a search engine "bot" to find your site, don't hold your breath... If you want your site to come up in their searches you better register it with them.

Geoff Van Brunt q{when I do get unsolicited junk th... -- 4/27/1999 9:17 AM