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Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???

4/24/1999 9:44 AM
Geoff Van Brunt
Re: tboy...Hookup very slow???
It could also have to do with outages within the net as well. If a router goes down, you usually can still connect to the sites "normally" accessed through the router, but it may be slower as the connections is bounced around while other routers try to find the shortest route. These outages occur daily, as things are fixed or upgraded. With AOL, you know they are constantly changing things, so this may be the problem.  
As for web bots, I think the problem is your home page. The two top ways your address appears on an E-mail list, is newsgroup postings and a personal web page. After posting for the first time to a newsgroup, I was almost instantly inundated with Spam. I changed my E-mail address and the problem went away, but returned as soon as I put a web page up. Most web bots only used address found in the top level page, and there are various "good?" reasons for this. First there are just too many pages out there to scan everything. Almost all top pages have an e-mail link. They can quickly discard any addresses with webmaster in them. The built up list is usually "savvy" internet users that know who to make their own pages, and will be "smart" enough to use whatever scheme is outlined in a junk e-mail.  
I have two suggestions for getting rid of the problem. First, you have to change your E-mail address. :( Change your E-mail address when posting to newsgroups to something like etc... I wouldn't use this exact usage though as web bots are becoming pretty savvy at removing anything in caps, and the word Spam etc.. You can also try this on you home page as well, or at least move the E-mail address to a lower level page.  
These suggestions have helped me, and my inbox remains clean. :) One more suggestion. Many ISP's will give you more than one address for free if asked. Get a few, use one here, one on you home page, one on the newsgroups etc. You will quickly see where the problem is comming from.  

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