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Re: Drawing/Spice packages

4/18/1999 12:07 AM
Ned Carlson
Re: Drawing/Spice packages
If you get SuSE Linux 6.0, it's got a free copy of Spice and Spicecad, plus Arcad and the free StarOffice will import, edit and export native Autocad files.I haven't tried Spice yet, but Spice tube models are certainly available on the internet, try:  
There's also a buttload of science software  
with SuSE I haven't even touched yet.  
Yeah, Linux means repartitioning with  
FIPS, but Linux+KDE is like tube amps, once  
you've dug it, you probably won't go back to Windoze.Scary, I know, but it grows on you.