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Re: Simplicity.

2/18/1999 1:12 PM
Re: Simplicity.
Hooray for all of you! Technology is cool, so is simplicity. Case in point: About 2 years ago I was just jammin' with a couple of other guys at a friend's house. One had a modern strat through a reissue uni-Vibe and some more sophisticated stuff through a modern design amp. The second had a Jackson through a variety of stuff into a s.s. Crate with an intergral distortion. I was using a guitar that belonged to one of them, a one-pickup (PAF Pro) "strat" straight to a Sovtek 50-watter. I got tired of them sounding "weirder" than me, so I started using the tremelo arm to tap and sweep the strings with. The constant up and down bends combined with the metallic strum and pick sounds eventually caused them so stop, and the guy with the Jaclson said, "This is fun. How come you sound weirder than us?"  
I said that if the power went out, I'd get an acoustic and make it do what I want. And I bet so would any of you. We are all capable of using the tech stuff, and doing without to make traditional and new sounds. And I certainly salute you all for being far more knowledgable about it all than I!