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Re: Simplicity.

2/18/1999 7:47 AM
Re: Simplicity.
Your rig rules!!! You sound like a man with serious tone under his arms.  
I've engineered an album a friend of mine recorded in NYC. He's a bassist who's played with just about everyone. He had many guests on his album, one being Vernon Reid. All he brought with him was his guitar (esp) and a 50 watt 2204 Marshall that was modded.  
The guy smoked needless to say (he always does) what was impressive is the note choice the guy uses. I certainly never would have gone to those notes but he did it extreamly well.  
Many guys use delay as a crutch. I loved what the Edge was doing but he admitted he couldn't play without them because he claimed he wasn't good enough. I don't know as I agree with him but that's what he siad in an interview.  
I set me nails, hammer, and crosses down a long time ago. (too heavy to carry) No need for crusifiction here. I applaud anyone who seeks out new and exciting guitar tones. Most of it is done in the studio with mic placement because that's how we tend to judge, by what we hear.  
I still personally feel one should be able to unique without alot of processing inbetween the guitar and amp. That's simply my opinion and is by NO means the holy grail.  
Everyone has opinions and although we do not agree with everyones, we should respect the fact that they have one.  

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