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Bringing spring reverb into the 21st century

11/1/1998 6:53 PM
Mark Hammer
Bringing spring reverb into the 21st century
Let's see, we've got triple rectifier amps, triple channel amps, virtual modelling amps, and stereo amps. All of these are intended to provide amplifiers that have more than one "personality" for the player whose vision is too big for one amp alone.  
So, why the heck aren't there any amps with on-board spring reverb that let you flick a switch and select a different set of springs (e.g., go from a 2 long-spring pan to a 3 short-spring pan)? We're not even talking about a major design change here, just two reverb pans wired up to a DPDT switch for crying out loud. I'm surprised no one's thought of it yet.

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