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Re: Are NOS tubes REALLY expensive?

10/22/1998 9:45 PM
Andy Ruhl
Re: Are NOS tubes REALLY expensive?
>And, yes, some tubes are widely  
overpriced such as the GE 6CA7 (or perhaps the price is  
"right" accounting for supply and demand, I dunno)<  
Assuming market efficiency, the price is correct. There are places that charge too much, and places where you will find them cheap.  
I'm not a fan of using the consumer price index for anything other than the products that they use in the basket. Technology has made some things cheaper and some things more expensive. To use the CPI across the board is fairly meaningless. I don't have a better one to offer, nobody does really. Doesn't mean that the CPI is good though... Garbage in, garbage out. The Chinese can get away with pricing their stuff where ever they want really, as long as it doesn't venture into NOS territory, and it's not too out of line with Russian. I'm not completely sure, but I don't think that competition has a lot to do with pricing. Real dollars sure doesn't.  
I don't chase the ham fests, but I should. My line of business doesn't dictate that I need to buy the wacky stuff. I would like to get a hold of 6CA7's, 7189's, 5881's and the like, but I don't have much use for the tubes that I can't use to fix something.  

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