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Re: Are NOS tubes REALLY expensive?

10/22/1998 7:53 PM
Andy Ruhl
Re: Are NOS tubes REALLY expensive?
I don't have my handy dandy financial calculator here, but I'm guessing you just did a future value function with some set intrest rate. The problem with that is it doesn't take into account supply and demand at all. All the inflation numbers go out the window when you deal with one product. You have to use a basket of products that span across a wide range of markets to get meaningful inflation info. Vacuum tubes don't qualify... Some of the tubes you listed are cheaper now than they were then (useless TV tubes probably) and some are far more expensive. Priced a good Sylvania or GE 6CA7 lately?  

Graywater Andy:I used the Bureau of L... -- 10/22/1998 8:20 PM