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previous: Mike D. Re: dynoco amp -- 9/29/1998 10:21 AM View Thread

Re: dynaco amp

9/29/1998 9:27 PM
Re: dynaco amp
All Dynaco ST-70 amps are collectable. If you can find one in excellent to mint condition, then these are the best ones. Good condition is OK provided it does not look too bad. The problem with some of the units is the circuit boards became troublesome. So before purchasing I would try to listen to the amp to  
make sure it works properly(should have good sonics, go loud, not blow its fuse, and have little distortion). If you want a really good source for ST-70s, try Type in Dynaco in the search field. ST-70s are always being auctioned.Also Vacuum Tube Valley sometimes has them for sale in the classifieds(  

R.G. q{All Dynaco ST-70 amps are collect... -- 9/30/1998 6:18 AM