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Re: That dang loose arm! (long-ish X3)

8/14/1998 9:40 AM
Re: That dang loose arm! (long-ish X3)
If the arm and the section it screws into is removable, such as on a real Floyd, you may be able to swap the arm for a Floyd type. I take it from your description though, that this is not possible. It may be cheaper just to purchase a new tremolo from Yamaha. I would check on the web for service centers, as your local stores may be similar to the one's around here. They usually claim one isn't available and try to sell you a "high-end, new-fangled, what-cha-ma-call-it, with extra more options".  
Personally, I would pay for a real Floyd if you like the guitar and plan on keeping it. If you get a local guitar shop to install it, make sure the repair man knows what is involved. Ask him what he plans to do first, and see if he know what he's doing. The first thing he should do is check that the existing posts are the correct distance from the nut. Ask him to check for you. A real Floyd (doubt you'll find one) should be 25" and a Schaller Floyd should be 24 15/16" from the nut. It should be measured with a precision metal ruler that is long enough for a complete measurement. If he pulls out a tape-measure or a 12" drafting ruler - run for the exit. If he pulls out a wooden yard stick, hit him with it before he hurts somebody. :)  
If you plan on doing the job yourself, I would suggest that you pick up the Guitar Player Repair Guide. It is an excellent source of information on the setup, modification and repair of guitars. In fact it is useful even if you get someone else to do work for you. At least you will know what's involved, and you won't get ripped off. And the information on setting up guitars is IMHO required reading for all guitarists.  
If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know.