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Re: That dang loose arm! (long-ish X3)

8/14/1998 12:41 AM
Andrew Curtis
Re: That dang loose arm! (long-ish X3)
I just had a closer inspection of the bridge a few minutes ago and it appears that the "nut" I was describing before has a small 5mm extension welded to the bottom, which is press-fitted into the bridge plate.  
There is an internal spring at the very bottom of the socket that gradually presses up against the arm as it is screwed in. Naturally, this makes the bar sit at the correct angle when it's not being held. There is provision at the back of the sustain block to adjust the point at which the spring takes up. Turning a little grub screw clockwise reduces the number of turns necessary to screw the bar in before it starts sticking.  
I've actually tried removing the grub screw and spring which seems to stop the rattling, probably because the thread on the arm runs out and starts rubbing against the unthreaded section. I'm kinda reluctant to keep this going for very long as it may start stripping the thread on the arm/socket.  
Any further thoughts?

GVB If the arm and the section it screw... -- 8/14/1998 9:40 AM