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S.E., Class A, Ultralinear curves.

7/31/1998 8:34 AM
S.E., Class A, Ultralinear curves.
Doc., Bruce., et. al.: Over the past year I've come across three ultralinear-type (screen grid tap) output transformers that were used with single-ended, Class A, 6BQ5s. One of these I converted into a guitar amp which sound really great (although I think the 6BR8 preamp tube can take much of the credit). The interesting thing about this chassis (originally an educational phono amp) is that the output tranny is bigger than the power tranny.  
Anyway, I want to design around the other two trannys but I don't have any info on SE ultralinear design. In general, it appears that ul designs can crank out a little more power than convential types. Unfortunately, almost all the information I have on ul design is from Lewis York's "Amplifiers" and it concerns itself with lower distortion, not increased power, within a push pull design.  
Does anyone out there have SE, UL, Class A design curves?