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Re: Pignose amp

6/3/1999 8:36 PM
Barry King
Re: Pignose amp
I have both the G40V and the G60VR. Although similar, they are different amps. The 60 is DEFINITELY louder than the 40 when played through my Marshall 4 x 12 cab. Dennis Kager claims the 40 is actually a 50W amp. All I know is that they are both loud with the volume nod going to the 60 watter.  
I like the G60 better than the G40. It seems more refined tonally. Bottom end response is better and larger than the G40 with each when played through the cab for a fair comparison. The G40 is much gainier but also harsher sounding. I understand that harshness can be tweaked somewhat with some of Steve's mods.  
The switch on the G60 is a high/low sensitivity setting on the single input.  
The G40 IMO requires mods to make it better out of the box while the G60 is great as is. I haven't even felt the urge to mess with different tube combinations yet with the G40 I am swapping tubes in and out frequently. Dobn't get me wrong, I think the G40 is a great value, just that the G60 is a better overall product and even better value.  

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