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previous: D.L thanx Liam ! I was reminded of the ... -- 5/5/1999 8:52 PM View Thread

Re: it was the main filter

5/6/1999 3:25 AM
Re: it was the main filter
Glad you found it!  
Was that one of the big blue ones? I've never had any trouble with those.  
BTW, what's the 2210 like? I'm a bit of a 2203 fan, but I'm starting to think I could use 2 channels. The 2210's a 2 channel reverb 100 watt head, right? Do they sound anything like the earlier Master Volume amps?  

Trace Liam;You beat me to it!!! -- 5/6/1999 4:31 PM
These beasts sound NOTHING like the... -- 5/7/1999 11:23 AM