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Re: Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???

5/1/1999 10:48 AM
Re: Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???
>>6AQ5 is supposed to electrically equivalent to 6V6 *within the ratings*. ..But the socket's different. <<  
This is the crux behind why I said they're "not equal".. Between re-socketing the amp in question, and finding a 6V6 guitar amp that is running anywhere near the specs a 6AQ5 would need, I don't see it ever happening. (the Fender musicmaster bass amp not withstanding)  
I tend to think of substitute tubes as ones that don't require rewiring, drilling, punching or a reworking of fundamental amp parameters (like B+). At any rate, I did not mean to mislead or misinform. eg: you put it a lot better than I did. :-)