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Re: Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???

4/30/1999 11:07 PM
Ned Carlson
Re: Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???
The Duncan site really does give most of the subs, but if you've got the GE tube manual, it lists everything that's got the same pinout.  
I'm not terribly fond of tube substitution books, I've ranted at length on RAT about some  
of the more offensive errors.A good tube manual like the GE lists most of pertinent data so you can usually tell what'll work.  
There's still a few odd ones like 6CZ5 for 6973 that are hard to find because the pinout's just slightly different.  
I don't know if you're typing in something wrong, or if you've got some kinda Netscape or IE bug (that's been known to happen, I think he may be using Javascript) but there's a metric buttload of links to info on 5U4's on Duncan's page.Same for 7025.  
If you just can't make it work, the HB-3 pages on both of these are on our page:  
6AQ5 is supposed to electrically equivalent to 6V6 *within the ratings*. RCA said so, and RCA never lied (gag, snort) ;-) But the socket's different.  
Similar tube numbers can be quite different,  
a 12AU6 has not much to do with 12AU7. As pointed out elsewhere, the first two digits usually are the filament voltage (except for loktal tubes), the last two after the letters are the number of elements...but 12SJ7 ain't nothing like 12AX7 at all! And it doesn't apply to some industrial types, 2C51 doesn't have a 2 volt filament nor 51 elements.  
Four number tubes are worse, changing one digit can change it from a submini mic tube to a 2 million watt monster tube!  
6AU6 gets used in radios and some old guitar amps. A pentode.  
6AL5 gets used in compressors.  
6CD6 can be a nifty output tube, 50 and 100W DuKane amps used them. There's a diagram for one at  
GA means it's got a smaller bulb than the G version.Works the same otherwise.  
6K6..yeah, reverb units.  
12AT6 and 12SQ7 have triode sections that could be used like half a 12AX7.  
5AU4 is like a 5U4 but draws more filament current.  
6BQ6 and 6DQ6 are sweep tubes for b/w TV's, which could be used for output tubes, but I've never tried it.We have the plate caps for these.6AV5 is in a similar vein but no plate cap.

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