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Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???

4/26/1999 4:05 PM
Scoring an NOS (U.S.) Tube Score???
Help Mr.Wizard!!!!!!  
(I don' wanna be a TubeHead anymore!!!!>>>>>!!...)  
So, I took the plunge, and there I am in the middle of a warehouse packed with electronics overflow, new and old, and looking at the shelves on shelves of faded-package firebottles, numbers limitlesslike the stars, the firstone I pickup (randomly) if 6V6. "Score!" This must be a sign from the Goddess!!!  
Then reality sank in, and I, green as the spring grass and armed with nothing more than a desire to learn to build tube amps, am faced with the insourmantable task of deciding what to take a chance on buying. I would like to stock up on anything that would come in handy down the road, building a variety of valve-driven gear, Marshall or Fender style amps without attatchment to dogmatic traditions. The price is certainly right ($1 a pop if you dig them out yourself) so I don't mind being a little careless, but I do want to get valves that will be usefull in future audio projects.  
"Tube data" you say, "right here on Ampage?" Well,that, the tubestore listings and the Duncan TDSE charts all just left me more or less confused.  
Isn't there a site which lists all the most common (audio)tubes and the alternative or military-spec numbers which are appropriate substitutions, or is this a vast network of info the still only is accessed by experience?  
And, is this, in fact, how the Duncan pages are set up? Say, for example, the 6AQ5's. (I managed to score a few of those). Are they straight substitutions for the 6V6??? Or do the actual spec sheets give more detail on conversions?  
Why can't I see a listing for a classic rectifier tube like the 5U4 on either of these two resource pages. 7025's for the pre-amp? Surely that's in Duncans archives? I don't see the # on the scoreboard. I've been known to miss things, but i did scour the index.  
How about subtle marking variations? Are they often a good indicator that it is closely related to another tbue, say,like the 12AT6 as opposed to the 12AT7 or the 6BQ6GA(6CU6) to the 6BQ5? What about Tung-Sol and Raytheon, are these reliable tubes in thier time??  
Just in case there's still someone reading and curious, I'm gonna throw out list of some tubes, and if you know any substitutions for common tubes, or cool projects they could work in that don't involve pyrotechnics or popping glass, well, feel free to clue us in. Many generations of tubie-newbies will thank you.
" (PHILCO)  
6CD6/GA (Is GA a relevent marking)  
6AV5 (GE)  
6K6(A4B) (SYLV) (fender reverb tank?)  
6BQ6/6CU6 (TUNG-SOL)  
12AT6 (RCA)  
12SQ7 (RCA)
... We now return control of your Ampage network to you .....  

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