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Re: "Gain scheduling" and tonal palettes

4/19/1999 1:32 AM
Steve A.
Re: "Gain scheduling" and tonal palettes
    What I had in mind was maybe 3 or 4 stages for a Marshall/5F6A design (with 2 of them being the dc coupled pair) and maybe a maximum of 3 before the reverb in a BF-style preamp. My point was not to use a lot of stages, but just to tune each stage differently (as appropriate). So instead of having all 3 preamp stages use a 1k5 Rk resistor bypassed with a 22uF Ck cap, try out different values (to create different HP filters).  
    I also like to put in switches to select between different Ck values on one or two of the stages to avoid the "one trick pony" effect that you mention...  
Steve Ahola