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Opinions on best EL-84

4/11/1999 9:10 PM
Ryan LussierOpinions on best EL-84
Howdy, I'm racking my head over which tubes to buy for my Fender. I like clean headroom cause I always use fuzz or distorion pedals. I was going to go with the Sovtek EL-84M's cause they're supposed to be cleaner but have also recently heard they are kind of flat sounding. I'm not looking for expensive NOS tubes so I have kind of narrowed it down to just the regualr Sovtek EL-84 like is in there now(not bad) or the new Teslas(not too expensive). Did Matchless really ship their amps with the EL84M's? They can't be bad if they did! I was also going to go with the Sovtek 12AX7+ preamp tubes cause I heard so many good things about them but if they are higher gain I might just want to stick with the basic Sovtek 12AX7's for the clean. Sorry for the rambling, any opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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