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Re: EF86 Preamp Tubes

4/8/1999 11:20 AM
Re: EF86 Preamp Tubes
Yes, EF-86's are pentodes. You'll find them in various Vox guitar amplifiers amongst others. They were also a favourite tube in the Mullard school of designs, for audio equipment and such.  
They can deliver gains in the 150 range, which makes them mighty cool (IMHO) for getting overdrive tones.  
They're getting rarer these days, but you can still find NOS ones in the $30-$40 range.  
Svetlana makes a current day EF86 that's got some degree of good reputation. The two I just got sound fine to me. About $15 US each.  
Sorry, can't help you much on the Conchord...  
... Whit

Liam Whit,Thanks a lot. I'll ge... -- 4/8/1999 11:45 AM