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Re: Dumb question about impedance

4/4/1999 1:25 AM
Steve A.
Re: Dumb question about impedance
    Assuming that the amp is using NFB, would it make any difference in the sound and response if the NFB loop was connected to the OT tap being used, or not being used? With the Peavy Classic 30 the 8 ohm tap is a lot "hotter" than the 16 ohm tap regardless of the actual impedance of the speakers. My idea on this (I could be wrong!) was that with the NFB loop connected to the 8 ohm tap there would be less voltage going back to the driver when the 8 ohm tap was being used than when it wasn't being used. BTW Peavey doesn't use the typical Fender/Marshall design for the NFB loop since it uses a cathodyne (split load) driver/PI. And I really haven't noticed this on any amp except for the Peavey Classic 30.  
    Just wondering if there is any sense to this idea, or have I been sniffing too much soldering fumes?  
Steve Ahola

R.G. q{Assuming that the amp is using NF... -- 4/5/1999 7:26 AM