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Re: Dumb question about impedance

4/3/1999 1:46 PM
Re: Dumb question about impedance
"G. Weber was talking about parallel series and series parallel, two ways to still end up 16 ohms but brighter and darker respectively.."
Gerald has an occasional lapse.  
If you take four identical speakers, and hook them in two series chains, then parallel the chains and run audio through them (this is parallel series, right?) you could use an AC voltmeter to measure the voltage between the middle junctions of both series chains.  
If the speakers are identical, the voltage between the middle points must be and will be zero, because identical currents are flowing in each of the two identical paths. Makes no difference whether the speakers are good, bad, inductive, capacitive, resistive, just that they're alike.  
If you then connect the middles with an ammeter - yep, no current will flow, because there is no voltage between the two points. It makes no difference whether you connect the two middles (making a series-parallel connection, right?) because no voltage exists between the center points and no current flows.  
This is the fundamental theory behind all bridge measurement instruments. Maybe Gerald didn't read that book...

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