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Re: Dumb question about impedance

4/1/1999 2:12 PM
Re: Dumb question about impedance
Maybe a little. Actually, for a well-designed transformer, it probably won't make an audible difference, and it depends on whether there is a separate 16 ohm winding or a tap on a single winding for the different impedances. For poorly designed, cheap guitar output transformers, maybe.  
The difference would be in a higher leakage inductance, maybe a touch more self capacitance.  
The biggest difference is likely to be that most people use two 8's in series or four 16's in series/parallel to get to 16. Any time you put two speakers in series, they each lower the damping factor from amp to speaker for the other one, so they each have looser, boomier bass. Could be that Gerald heard that.  
For a 16ohm speaker on a 16 ohm tap verus a single 8 (or 4) speaker on a matched tap, if the speakers were equally good (an impossibility in the real world, naturally!) the differences should be very hard to hear.

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