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Solid state and Tube rectifiers

3/31/1999 11:51 AM
Solid state and Tube rectifiers
Well, I think it is great to have a amp with a socket,  
so you can change rectifier tubes, some Mesa Boogie amps allow you to switch between tubes and Solid state rectifiers. The only problem is that you change the rectifiers, but due to poor design, they don't change the output tube Bias. I have corrected this by using another Switch and a few resistors. Back to the differences. A tube rectifier will sag, or will in electronic terms, will have a resistance which will cause the B+ to drop, thus causing a natural compression, which is referred as mush, this can be good and be bad depending on the style of Music you are playing, many other factors come into play along with the power of the amp and how you play the Guitar. For amps that are under powered or players that want the very last watt they can get out of an Amp. Solid state rectifiers are the way to go, the problems are  
notes tend to be thinner and crisp, kind of approaching a transistor sound. Solid state rectifiers and 6550 tubes are, in my opinion a sound, that I would try to stay away from. But everyone is different. If you are a Blues player and have a amp that is not underpowered, a 5U4  
is very Cool, indeed.  
In general, if you could change them in a Tube socket, the most output and harshest would be the Solid State Rectifier, next would be the 5AR4/GZ-34, which is warmer, next is the 5U4 , and then the 5R4. Which will probibly drop the wattage of a 50 watt amp down to 30 watts. Is a 5R4 for everyone, I don't think so......

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