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AC30 schematic

3/28/1999 11:58 PM
AC30 schematic
I sent you a clear AC30 schematic by email. It is from a german tube amp book and seems OK. It probably is a later model AC30 since it lacks the tube rectifier but you should be able to work that out from the Pittman book. As far as I can see the rest of it is OK. It at least gives you a clue how the Top Boost section is wired into the amp.  
The Top Boost preamp is wired in the same way in the AC 15, which is nearly identical to AC30, just two power tubes less. Phase splitter is exactly the same, just put the Top Boost preamp before it. You can find the AC 15 at:  
If anybody else wants the AC30 schematic let me know, I'll mail it to you. I got it somewhere from the net ages ago and have completely forgotten from which site.  

Bob S If you're replying that the AC-15 i... -- 3/29/1999 3:20 PM