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Re: Plexi 200

3/17/1999 7:02 PM
RichieRe: Plexi 200
A funny thing happend, and I tried to reply but the connection would not go through.I was replying to the post, and the TV beside me had a guy come on the news that had gone to a rock concert and was sueing for ear damage! This came on as I hit the Post button, and could'nt get back on in time to post this. I just thought it was funny,cause I was saying how loud The Majors were, and this guy came on sueing for ear damage. You might want to hang a sign on your Major "Ear Protction Required" Or "Prolonged Sound Levels May Make You Sterile" So you won't have someone sueing you for ear damage or something ! {HA} I would think if someone was going to a rock concert, they should know its going to be loud! They should take earplugs if they can't handle it. But theres always someone that wants to get something out of someone.[Richie]

D.L Richie- that's pretty funny..! Act... -- 3/18/1999 1:51 AM