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Re: Ampeg Gemini (Yea or Nea!!)

3/4/1999 2:49 PM
j_pinsRe: Ampeg Gemini (Yea or Nea!!)
I pulled them and took a look. The guy owns an amp shop. He told me that there were "new 7591 tubes" that all it requires is a resistor change. I have a set of 7591 tubes from a Hilgen bass/instrument amp. The amp is not in good enough shape to evaluate the set though. I am certainly planing for future needs. I'm not really searching hard, but IU haven't seen many 7591 around. So what about a retube? The amp is in pretty good shape. I like the 15" speaker, trem and reverb. Don't need more "shelf gear" though!! ;-]