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Re: How many blackface SR were built?

1/25/1999 4:24 PM
Michael S.
Re: How many blackface SR were built?
If Carl Sagan were still alive, he'd tell you that Fender build "thousands and thousands" of BF amps. Don't forget that Fender was arguably the largest manufacturer of instrument amplifiers on the planet during a period when the interest in making music or just performing exploded. From '64 to the early '70s, the larger amps were real popular, so I would imagine that Twins, Showman/Dual Showman, and Bassman amps would have been the ideal for which people strove. Super Reverbs, Bandmasters, and Deluxe Reverbs were what they settled for. Everyone got a GOOD amp for the price, whether it was a BF Champ or a Dual Showman.  
Don't forget that a $1000 amplifier in the late '60s would be the equivalent of a $3000+ amp now, at an absolute minimum. That's why the "boutique" amplifiers seem expensive compared to the original prices of the old Fenders. A hand-built '59 Bassman would cost a lot more than the $1100 list of the RI if it were duplicated EXACTLY. Also, discounting dealers were a lot fewer and further between back in the old Fair Trade Law days. In most states, you paid list price, like it or not.  
Even the RI Fenders are a good buy at current prices, though they might not have "that" sound without putting several hours worth of work and a few dollars into components to make them point-to-point. At that extreme, you still have to consider that the rectifiers, transformers and tubes are all different than they were thirty or more years ago.  
No matter how many were made, they should all be considered a somewhat historic piece. If it were possible to hear them, every amp out there would have a story to tell.

Keith I`ve often wondered about that only... -- 1/25/1999 4:31 PM