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Epiphone Pacemaker Schematic

1/15/1999 9:13 AM
Epiphone Pacemaker Schematic
Hello - One of the amps I'm rebuilding is an Epi Pacemaker. I think there were at least 2 versions of this amp. This one has tremelo, 2 6eu7, 2 6aq5a, and a 6x4 rectifier. I bought it non-working and when I opened it up there were all new caps and resisters. Great! I thought, till I realized the amp was wired completely wrong; no high voltage getting past the rec. tube. I now have it working marginally. I've been unable to find a schematic. The closest is an EA-50 on Joe Piazzas's site. Any help out there with either a Pacemaker schematic - or other amp that has this configuration? Thanks,  

John Martin Sounds like the same amp as the Gib... -- 1/15/1999 2:07 PM