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1/8/1999 9:03 AM
Previously I had a SF SR from the early seventies. It went into oscillation pretty easy, even though I tried several different mods (with help from AMPAGE). In short, it drove me nuts – so I sold it and bought a BF SR. I’ve been very happy with this amp and I thought it did not oscillate. However, recently I changed the settings from: volume 3-4, treble 7-8, mid 3, bass 3-4 to: volume 10, treble 4, middle 3, bass – just a little, maybe 2.  
With the latter setting I think I have a great sound but I also detect what I think is oscillation.  
My question is whether amps in general is more prune to oscillation if the volume is turned all the way up?

Graywater -Bjorn:From my experience m... -- 1/8/1999 12:55 PM