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Re: Yet another mutant amp rescued.....

12/31/1998 7:05 AM
Re: Yet another mutant amp rescued.....
Diagrammed the amp before attacking and the output tube socket was plumbed for a 6BQ5 - really don't know who made the amp but the circuitry design is very similar to Supro (but then again, I don't have enough Univox schematics to really judge).  
Unfortunately, the funky work on the tremelo makes the original circuit indecipherable - I'm just going to rebuild it from scratch.  
After I posted last night, while brushing my teeth (both of 'em) I noticed that I had a slight ringing in my ears. Well, admittedly I was only about 3 feet from the speaker but still this little amp is louder than I thought - I'm using that original 8" speaker and the durn thing must be pretty efficient even with such a small magnet.  
Got any snow there?