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Re: Yet another mutant amp rescued.....

12/31/1998 6:38 AM
Re: Yet another mutant amp rescued.....
Graywater; I'm glad you got something out of that stuff,and you were correct, not my doing on any of the wiring, I picked that up at a pawn shop that went out of buisness,along with some other amps,just had it thrown under the bench to rob parts from,[but never got around to it]] I did get a Supro too, but fixed it and sold it at a show.But I do remember the sears being made like the Univox, I thought that one you fixed used 6973 tubes.Did you sub the 6BQ5 for them? And Michael, my Univox now sounds more like the amp you have, it runs 2 - 6AQ5,and 6AV6,6AN8, 2 - 12AX7, 6AU6,and a rectifier tube,6CA4. May not be in the right order,[going on memory]

Graywater Richie:Diagrammed the amp b... -- 12/31/1998 7:05 AM