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Re: Crate Speakers

12/17/1998 6:11 PM
moocowRe: Crate Speakers
I would also guess that Crate uses Eminence, but check the speaker code to make sure. Weber's book lists the E.I.A. source code number for Eminence as 67. So expect a number like 67-9523 (25th week of 1995). I know this isn't a seven-digit number, but somehow Eminence wound up with a two-digit source code number.  
I've seen this number in lots of recent Fender amps, so even though they may have brown labels that say "Fender Special Design", or have blue frames and Alnico magnets, they are Eminence speakers.

Bruce Just put a zero infront of the 67, ... -- 12/18/1998 8:27 AM