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Re: Crate Speakers

12/17/1998 5:29 PM
Michael S.
Re: Crate Speakers
I would imagine that Crate uses several manufacturers to supply as many speakers as they would need. The make a LOT of Crate and Ampg amps at St. Louis Music, in a WIDE variety of price ranges. I would imagine that Eminence gets a fair amount of that business, since they pretty much own the low-to-mid price range speakers. Altec, JBL, and Electro-Voice all make mid-to-high-end speakers, and you might find those in any number of SLM amps.  
Easiest way is to look at the back or the speaker frame itself, and read te seven-digit number stamped on the frame itself. the first three digits convey manufacturer name, the next two the year in which they were built, and the last two are the designator for the specific week of the year.  
Example: 220-935 Denotes a Jensen speaker built in the 35th week of either 1959 or 1969. A 1979 speaker would have a code like this -- 220-7935. There's a list of the manufacturers' names and codes in one of Weber's books, but I have to go turn in some oil for recycling, and I need to do it NOW.  
Hope that helps some.

moocow I would also guess that Crate uses ... -- 12/17/1998 6:11 PM