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Re: Pignose Question

12/17/1998 9:03 AM
Bill Harbour
Re: Pignose Question
Hi Roger. I have a G40V and I've played it out in clubs. I've not used the amp by itself...always through a cabnet. I'm generally very well pleased with it. Through a cabnet it's killer. By itself it's adequate as a practice amp. The little 10" speaker onboard (even though it's rated at 75w) just doesn't move enough air or have enough low end. You'll probably want to retube it at some time. My cabnet has 2 10" vintage Fender Jensens in it. With the amp hooked up to the cabnet that makes a total of 3 10" speakers running (you can leave the onboard speaker connected). I played it next to a '68 Super Reverb with 4 10" speakers and there was a noticable difference in the sound. The Fender sounded a little better. Both amps are rated at 40w. I believe much of the difference is probably tube related. I still have the stock tube which, I believe, are Chinese. They much too glassy.  
For the money it's a steal. Another guitar player told me I had the best sounding Strat he'd ever heard. It wasn't the was the amp through the cabnet.  
You'll have to get an outboard reverb though.  
You can't beat it.  
Bill Harbour

Steve, again Bill:12/18/1998 12:19 AM