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Re: First generation Fender SS amps

12/6/1998 6:19 PM
Michael Sullivan
Re: First generation Fender SS amps
Thank you for clarifying the details of the Zodiac Series amps. I will agree with anyone who thinks that their mediocre sound was only slightly more offensive than their appearance.  
A "stealth" Zodiac-series amp would be a kick in the head, though....  
How 'bout a tube Deluxe Reverb chassis built into a Taurus head, on top of a 4-10 or 4-12 cabinet with high-sensitivity speakers, like Alnico Eminence? If that doesn't get the cogniscenti to scratchin' their pointed heads, then we have to build something even more outrageous. I can say that I have strange plans for a BF Champ, but no details will be forthcoming 'til the picture comes out.

MKB Well, guys, I don't know if the "st... -- 12/6/1998 8:00 PM