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Re: Marshall Tone

12/6/1998 1:40 PM
Michael Tousek
Re: Marshall Tone
I don't have any first-hand experience, but I 've heard that the reissue greenback speakers tend to be a bit icepicky, tonewise. You might try auditioning a cab loaded with Vintage 30's, which I have heard first-hand and really like.  
The 470pf cap that goes around the volume control of the bright channel is essentially out of the circuit when the volume is on 10, so removing it wouldn't help you. There is, however, a 470pf cap around the 470k mixer resistor that you might try removing (the JTM45's don't have this cap, and I don't think the early plexi's have it either).  
This is second-hand info again, but I've heard that the factory bias on some of these amps is on the "cold" side. This could lead to harsh highs and would be most evident at the highest volumes.  
Michael Tousek

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Steve A. Michael:12/9/1998 1:25 AM