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Re: Marshall Tone

12/6/1998 7:02 AM
Re: Marshall Tone
I have a 50Watt plexi re-issue. While is not the best marshall I've ever heard, I does a pretty damn good job.  
I think the 50Watt version has "more balls" than the 100 Watt version. Can you take back the 100watter and try out the 50 watt????  
I play humbucker guitars. I also have a Power Break. I set the controls as such: Presense is about 5-6, Bass is 5, Mids depends on the guitar (Maple guitars sound good at 6 to 8, Mohogony sound good about 4-5, Les Pauls sound good at any Midrange setting), Treble at 6-8. I only use Channel 1 (the bright channel). I set the volume as such: 2 for clean chords, 4 to 6 for Allman Bros and Rush type stuff, I usually don't set the volume above 8, cause it gets too distorted.  
Then I adjust the final volume with the Power Break. I also use a Marshall 4x12 cab - this helps alot.  
If you're looking for a very "scouped" sound, the non-master marshall is probly not the way to go. Maybe you'll like the 2210 version of the marshall better.  

Al Thanx for the settings. Will try th... -- 12/6/1998 11:33 AM