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Re: Marshall Tone

12/5/1998 8:22 PM
Michael Sullivan
Re: Marshall Tone
I'd always heard that most of the "name" guys turned up all the tone controls except the bass, which, on average, ran at three to five on a scale of ten. Nigel Tufnel fans will tell you four to six on his "scale of eleven" amps.  
As an aside, a friend who worked at Sunn, in, I believe, Tualatin, Oregon, in the late '60s, swore that when the first BIG Sunns were auditioned by Jimi Hendrix, the volume controls were labelled to a max of eight. JMH complained that the amps needed to be louder, so a second audition was set for the next day. The silkscreen folks ran off a bunch of new faceplates, these labelled to a max of ten, and those faceplates installed on the audition amps. Hendrix was back in the plant that afternoon, played them, and bought six stacks.....  
Not having been in the States at that time, I cannot vouch for the authenticity of that claim. I can say that Fast Eddie told me some other outrageous stuff that has since been proven true.