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Marshall Tone

12/5/1998 6:59 PM
Marshall Tone
Hoping to find some good advice out there, and this place seems to have plenty of experienced players.  
I wanted that 'late 60s early 70s' tone, so I aquired a re-issue Marshall 1959SLP and sold the Boogie. I play a Les Paul that is loaded w/ 57 Classic pickups. I also use a PowerBrake to drive the power tubes without killing everything in a 50yrd radius.  
Here's the rub - setting all controls to 10 isn't what it's cut out to be. But I've tried nearly every variation in between without 'getting there'. I jump the two channels and usually plug into the Channel 2. Driving Ch2 a little more than Ch1 offeres up a warmer sound, but the bottoms get farty. Going the other way gets too midrangy and bright(according to other band members).  
Do you suppose there is a problem with the Plexi?? Are the great settings a trade secret?? Are there mods required even with these great amps??  
Would appreciate any input.  

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