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Stealth Amps

12/3/1998 12:23 PM
Mike D.
Stealth Amps
There are too many Michaels in this discussion :)  
My stealth amps began as cheap SS junk from Peavey, Fender, Marshall, and the latest is an "EG", never heard of that before. These are your basic "beginners" amps.  
These sound pretty horrible before being rebuilt, but have fairly decent cabinet/chassis. Even their el-cheapo speakers sound a zillion times better when being pushed by tubes.  
I have also modified some old economy tube based amps to be stealth amps. Harmony, Valco, Silvertone amps are a nice platform for this, but I have noticed the prices of these has been rising lately.  
Your Bassman "sleeper" is an excellent example of stealth. Hopefully it was obtained cheaply. I bet it blows away the vast majority of the over-priced, over-rated vintage amps out there.  
I must admit I find great joy in stealth amps. Kinda my way of making a statement. I think the most I ever paid for an amp is $150 for my SF Twin Reverb. I try to keep each amp project's total cost under $200, often well under $100. That way I can afford to have several amps and several guitars. I would get bored with just one amp,or one guitar no matter how good it was. I prefer small, low wattage amps, cranked up. If I need to make a lot of noise I use the Twin.  
I read an interview with Jeff (Skunk) Baxter about the lead guitar solo on Steely Dan's "My Old School" where he said he used a cheap $79 guitar as a "statement" against over-priced hype marketing BS. Right on, brother Skunk!  
Mike Donovan

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