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Re: 7199 and 7408 anyone familer with these??

12/2/1998 4:54 AM
Rich P.Re: 7199 and 7408 anyone familer with these??
7408 is the military version of the 6V6; generally in NOS form they are excellent, quite robust, and can be found at radio swap meets a good prices. Highly recommended for any 6V6 application.  
7199 is a pentode/triode 9 pin combo used in the later tube hifi/stereo amplifier era. They are rare, expensive, and their overall and sonic quality varies over a very wide range.  
Input/cathodyne phase splitter stage used in the Dynaco Stereo 70. Avoid if possible.

Trace Allen Rich; Are the 7199's the s... -- 12/2/1998 8:40 AM