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Re: Peavey Classic mod

11/17/1998 8:07 PM
Steve A.
Re: Peavey Classic mod
    The mv in the Classic 50-410 is after the tone stack and could be eliminated from the circuit by cutting the trace to ground from the mv pot and bridging the two hot connections. If you wanted to reverse the operation later you could bridge the cut trace with a short section of thin desoldering braid.  
    The most effective single mod to the C50-410 I found was to add a "boost" switch which parallels the 250pF treble cap with something like a 750pF mica cap. For the switch, I replaced the full-sized SPST full-sized "Channel Select" toggle switch with the center-off DPDT variety, with the channel select relay leads on one side and the boost cap on the other side. This can be done without removing the circuit board by carefully soldering wires to the two leads from the 250pF cap on the component side of the board.  
Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Is your C50-410 the earlier version w/o the FX loop, or the later version with the FX loop?