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Re: 7199 and 7408 anyone familer with these??

11/17/1998 12:51 AM
Ned Carlson
Re: 7199 and 7408 anyone familer with these??
7408 have the same pinout & specs as 6V6-GTA. You can find pinouts for both 7408 and 7199 at  
7199 are still made, but a bit expensive: a dirt cheap alternative (requires rewiring the socket) are 6BL8/ECF80 or 6GH8, these sell for less than $3 each, retail.  
To use 12AX7, you'd have to rewire the whole circuit..'cause one side of 7199 is a pentode, 12AX7 is a dual triode. Not that difficult, tho.

Richie Ned; I have a bunch of the 6GH8A tu... -- 11/17/1998 6:44 AM