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previous: Ted Breaux Actually, Hiwatts are intended to b... -- 10/23/1998 11:33 AM View Thread

Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question

10/23/1998 12:23 PM
Andy Ruhl
Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question
Hey Ted. I suppose you could argue that Fenders are biased near class A too, at least the way we do it these days... AB1 is fairly close to class A anyway isn't it? Don't remember, I should look it up...  
For schematics of Hiwatts, I've got some up at my page at I don't have the power supplies up yet though, I'm working on that. The main thing to remember is the 100 watters have a seperate bias tap, where the 50 watters come off the HV winding.  

J Fletcher I think most fixed bias Fender amps... -- 10/23/1998 2:19 PM