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Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question

10/23/1998 9:44 AM
Andy Ruhl
Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question
1. Are these amps supposed to be Class A? My one most  
definitely is.  
>2. Can anyone suggest a realistic bias setting that's not going  
to limit valve life? This isn't much like my Marshalls!  
About 35 to 40ma per tube sounds good in my DR504, your mileage may vary with the big un.  
3. Which of the bias circuit resistors is the safest/best to  
change - and can I use a 0.6 Watt.  
The series one is fine to change. I soldered a small ceremet into mine in parallel with the appropriate resistor to get the bias right. Works pretty good, but I sure wasn't too happy about soldering on one of these works of art.  

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