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Re: Schematic of a Messa Mark IIC+

8/13/1998 3:57 PM
Re: Schematic of a Messa Mark IIC+
Steve: That is a good question, I would hope it would be the page after 713,it would seem logical to have the power amp section after the preamp page, but I don't know for sure.The only differences in 714 and 715 are a few resistor values in the bias supply,and eq section,and also changing the heater circut to DC.If you knew if the circut of the amp for this section,you would know which one it should be.I have not worked on this amp so maybe someone else would know for sure.I like a few parts on the schematic that show resistors,and instead of the value it says factory select!also at the bottom of the page it talks about beware infringers!And they have sued people and put them out of buisness!I think these boogies and a lot of other amps were copied from fenders,I wonder how they feel doing the same thing. [Richie]

Steve, again Anybody else know which power amp schematic goes with the IIC+? -- 8/14/1998 1:48 AM