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Re: Laney Protube 100R - Your Opinion?

8/12/1998 9:32 PM
Re: Laney Protube 100R - Your Opinion?
I have a Pro Lead AOR 100 (80's model)that I've been using for a couple of years now. I didn't dig the sound at all, so I gutted everything before the phase splitter, and went with a four gain stage,counting tone recovery,pre (only one stage before it) tone stack setup, with a classic Fender tone stack.There are a couple of unused triode sections left, I was thinking about adding verb or doing a buffered line out or a parallel EFX loop. Anyhow, I ditched all the transistors (I think they were tone stack recovery, not sure though).Recently, I changed to 12AU7 driver tube, and pulled two outputs. This makes a pretty decent 60 watter. There is plenty of room on the PCB for mods if you are so inclined. I've heard about xformer problems, but haven't experienced any myself. I bought mine for $200.  
--Charlie Escher

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