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Calculation of Transformer/Power supply ?

8/9/1998 8:35 AM
Benjamin Fargen
Calculation of Transformer/Power supply ?
I have a few questions regarding the calculation of VAC>VDC when using a tube rectifier.  
1. Is VAC X 1.414 = VDC only the correct calculation when using silicon diodes? or is this also correct for a tube rectifier such as a 5AR4?  
2. How do figure out the VDC after rectification under a load(i.e. is it always lower with the tubes in & amp running?)  
3. Is there any safe and accurate way to cut your VDC after rectification and before the filter caps? (i.e. I have a 375VAC power trany that I want to use in an circuit that requires 350VAC)  
Thanks, Benjamin

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